Foundation Funds


The Foundation encourages gifts from members and friends of the La Jolla United Methodist Church.  The LJUMC Foundation has benefited for many years from generous donations, memorials, and legacy gifts to fund programs such as these:

  • Support for children/youth/young adult activities and programs including camperships, local college ministries, the churches’ Boy Scout troop, our library and library services

  • Seminars and education for our church, Nursery School staff, and volunteers

  • Scholarships for children in our Nursery School and Church seminary students

  • Support for Nursery School Facility improvement

  • Supplemental funds to enhance the church choirs, instrumental needs, and special music programs 

  • Local and global benevolences including work teams and missionaries

  • Financial support of the elderly and other members in need

  • Discretionary funds to support special requests, on-going ministries, and upgrades/improvements to our church campus



  • The Foundation is a separate 501(C) (3), Tax ID 33-0467521, nonprofit, religious corporation, dedicated irrevocably to religious, charitable and educational programs of La Jolla United Methodist Church. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors nominated by the Charge Conference consisting of a president, treasurer, secretary and two other directors. 

  • The Foundation Board places the gifts received in conservative investments and recommends a yearly amount which can prudently be used for Church ministries and still retain the principal. The Board retains San Diego Foundation for portfolio counsel and assistance.  The annual portfolio fee is less than one percent including financial adviser support.


A Church member or a friend of the Church may contact Pastor Phil Wood at 858-454-7108, 6063 La Jolla Blvd. or any member of the Foundation Board of Directors for additional information.   A  Donor Form/Checklist is available at the Church Office.  Donors should also contact their personal financial or legal advisors for estate planning.     A donor may make a legacy gift in several ways including:

  • A gift of money, securities, or property

  • A beneficiary designation in a donor’s life insurance policy, annuity, retirement account

  • A bequest in a donor’s will or trust

Your Foundation gifts can grow to provide legacy funding far into the future!