Archive of Past Services

Shalom (02/27/11)

Passage: Matthew 6:24-34

Preacher: Rev. Richard Smith

Our Judeo-Christian Tradition (02/20/11)

Passage: Leviticus 19:1-18

Preacher: Pastor Walt

This passage is a marvelous series of instructions on how to live righteous and holy lives, that clearly underscore the solid foundation we Christians have in our Jew ancestors. The admonition to “love your neighbor” appears and further emphasis this point of mine. … read more

Choose Life and Live (02/13/11)

Passage: Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Preacher: Pastor Walt

The challenge is placed before the Israelites as they make their journey to the promised land – death or life, blessing or curse. Choosing the way of the Lord lead to blessing and life. The choice is ours as well. … read more

Pleasing God (02/06/11)

Passage: Isaiah 58:1-12

Preacher: Pastor Walt

This great passage from Isaiah, tries to right the balance between observance of the ritual behaviors that are thought to nurture or reveal faith, and the acts of sacrificial servanthood that would do the same – better Isaiah says! This is what is pleasing to God. It’s a call to mission … read more

Decide & Follow (01/23/11)

Passage: Psalms 27:1-9

Preacher: Pastor Walt

John’s arrest spurs Jesus into his public ministry. Andrew and Simon Peter are now fishing and Jesus comes to them and calls them to follow him. Jesus pushes through the fear into ministry. We too believe like the disciples and follow Jesus, pushing through our fears. … read more

Come & See (01/16/11)

Passage: Psalms 40:1-11

Preacher: Pastor Walt

John points his disciples to Jesus, and Andrew brings Peter to see Jesus. It’s a good lesson on the importance of inviting people to Jesus, helping them encounter Jesus. It’s the foundation of our witness of faith. … read more