Archive of Past Services

God is Faithful – Thanks be to God (11/21/10)

Passage: Luke 1:68-79

Preacher: Pastor Walt

We have received so many blessings from God, the greatest of which is our Lord and Savior. Thanks be to God for all the blessings of life – thanks be to God! … read more

The Opportunity is Now (11/14/10)

Passage: Luke 16:19-31

Preacher: Pastor Walt

This passage foreshadows Jesus’ coming and his rejection, but it also carries a lesson forward on the use of our life resources for God’s purposes. Got to use God’s gifts when we have them, while we’re here and can do some good with them. Later might be too late to make a good difference in people’s lives and in our own personal eternal trajectory. … read more

A Primer for Saints (11/07/10)

Passage: Luke 6:20-23

Preacher: Pastor Walt

We’ll take a look at the Beatitudes as a primer for us on the “way of the saints” and the path to life abundant. … read more

Humility (10/24/10)

Passage: Luke 18:9-14

Preacher: Pastor Walt

God smiles over our efforts toward faithfulness, yet if those efforts are driven by a prideful spirit we run into troubles. Humility is the complement of righteousness and piety. It rounds them out, holds them together, makes them authentic. … read more

Being Persistent (10/17/10)

Passage: Luke 18:1-8

Preacher: Pastor Walt

Don’t give up on God – God doesn’t give up on you. Be persistent in your prayer life and in your faith. Only in the persisting will the progress come on the spiritual journey. … read more

Set Free (10/10/10)

Passage: Luke 13:10-17

Preacher: Reverend Lori Leopold

Keeping Things In Perspective (10/03/10)

Passage: Luke 17:1-10

Preacher: Pastor Walt

Our passage speaks to the issue of over-inflating something, getting things out of proportion and perspective in our religious life, in our life of discipleship. Humility is a key to the faithful and spiritually mature life. Yet it’s all grace, when we come down to it, and as Bono sings in City of Blinding Lights “blessings not just for the ones who kneel, luckily.” … read more