Archive of Past Services

This Year May You Live (01/02/11)

Passage: Ephesians 3:1-12

Preacher: Rev. John Fanestil

A New Rule (12/26/10)

Passage: Isaiah 63:7-9

Preacher: Reverend Lori Leopold

In the heart of the Christmas Season, we receive this text from Matthew known as the Slaughter of the Innocents. It’s a disturbing account of Herod’s destructive response to the news of Jesus’ birth. And while this might be an unsettling account, it is also a reminder that the coming of the Christ Child set into motion a great deal of energy and activity. The old rule, and all its accompanying forces, resisted the new rule. That struggle continues to this day. But as people of faith, we are confident that the victory of God’s kingdom is secure. We hold fast to faith, even while living in the midst of the struggle, that we are loved, healed and saved by Emmanuel, “God with Us.” … read more

Come Home For Christmas: A Sign for Others (12/19/10)

Passage: Isaiah 7:10-16

Preacher: Pastor Walt

Series: Come Home for Christmas

The fourth sermon of this series uses the Isaiah text about the birth of a child being a sign that peace will come and applying that to our Advent/Christmas experiences. The baby Jesus is a sign, the celebration of the season is a sign, how we behave and what we share is also a sign. Let us be a sign of God’s peace, showing folk where to find God’s peace for themselves – our church. … read more

Come Home For Christmas: Touched by Healing (12/12/10)

Passage: Isaiah 35

Preacher: Pastor Walt

Series: Come Home for Christmas

Part three of the series that focuses on the healing, forgiving, and encouraging that goes on in family. As we draw back into God as our loving parent, we experience the joy of renewed life. … read more

Come Home For Christmas: Connecting to Family (12/05/10)

Passage: Isaiah 11:1-10

Preacher: Pastor Walt

Series: Come Home for Christmas

The second part of our series recognizes the relational nature of family and of our faith. In our experience of family we discover belonging and we establish, build, nurture, and maintain those relationships for our well-being. So too it is with God, in the church. … read more

Come Home for Christmas: A Welcoming Light (11/28/10)

Passage: Isaiah 2:1-5

Preacher: Pastor Walt

Series: Come Home for Christmas

This is the first of a four part sermon series and will use the imagery of returning to God and gaining the clarity of vision to see how the world can be and how we can be, when we come back to God. God’s left a light on for us, to help us find a way. … read more