Thanks Be To God

on November 01, 2012 by Walt Dilg

We’re in the midst of a five week conversation Celebrating Faith recognizing that we do it in our Methodist congregations with our Prayers Presence Gifts and Service. These four aspects of our discipleship are the ways we give expression to our faith the ways we touch God and help others. They are the ways by which we nudge ourselves forward living into who we want to be.

So we’ve been dreaming these last weeks contemplating our hopes and yearnings our needs and necessities. Dreaming of how we might become the more that God asks of us. It’s an exhilarating process with an open-ended promise. On Sunday November 18 we’ll celebrate it all together and see just how it is we envision living into growing into 2013. Hope to see you in worship Celebrating Faith and giving thanks to God for all God’s blessings today and tomorrow.