Some Tasty Music

on March 02, 2013 by Walt Dilg

What a marvelous series of concerts we have had at LJUMC recently. In January our Family Concert at Methodist featured singer and musician Tim Foley and three friends providing rousing Irish music with guitar mandolin violin uilleann bag pipes and a drum box. Feet were stomping in joy!
In February Music Ministry Director Bob Wuertz brought us a special organ concert premiering the newest Rodgers Organ Infinity Series 361 for the first time in San Diego County. Renown organist Jared Jacobson led the audience through a great variety of organ pieces showing off the organ’s versatility and strength. It was a soaring delight. Also in February thanks to the UMW Fellowship Hall was packed as we all enjoyed the NOTEables singing show tunes at the Valentine’s Dinner. The crowd was sing along on many of the songs!
This month on Sunday March 10 our Family Concerts at Methodist will host the Pacific Sounds Brass Quintet. Later in the month our Chancel Choir will be providing their seasonal concert on Psalm Sunday March 24. It will be a collection of gospel pieces to help set the table for our celebration of Easter. Then upcoming on May 19 we have our final performance in our 2012-2013 Family Concerts at Methodist Se-ries which will feature a woodwind quintet performing music of the circuses.
LJUMC is building upon its reputation as a music church and bringing forward some very interesting and unique musical offerings to our community.