It's Good To Know Where You're Headed

on February 01, 2013 by Walt Dilg

I’ve got a great t-shirt that says “Not all who wander are lost.” I got it at the Grand Canyon and it reminds me of the renewal that comes with a purposeful change-of-pace. Wandering around can be great fun re-laxing and refreshing especially after some very stressful or especially busy times. It’s good to just get out and putter around following your bliss or whim. Yet as nurturing as wandering around might be we know wandering around is not all that helpful if you want to get to a particular place within a particular time.
Sometimes I think our life of discipleship is like this – we’re just wandering around all over the place not getting anyway in particular very soon. Does this observation ring true for you? You want to call out “Hey wait a minute here! Where are we headed and how do we get there?”
Where we are headed and how we get there is going to be our focus this Lent and Easter. The truth of the matter is there is a clear destination to which we are heading in our lives of discipleship – it is to become more and more like Christ. As I have reflected upon this I have determined what I would call the core principles of discipleship or at least my core principles of discipleship – the key things we believe and do that move us along the pathway toward becoming more fully a faithful follower of Christ Jesus.
I’ll be introducing this seasonal theme on Transfiguration/Boy Scout Sunday February 10 and wrapping it up with the crescendo of Easter. Each Sunday a new core principle will be shared through the sermon. Then at our Wednesday night Lenten Study we will take the opportunity to explore the core principle of the week in more depth discovering ways by which to put it to work in our lives.