Deepening our Season of Jesus

on February 01, 2017 by Walt Dilg

     We’re in the midst of a special time here at LJ UMC.  A season of Jesus, I am calling it.  It’s a time in which we all are intentionally focusing our thoughts on Jesus’ priorities and how those priorities can become our essential habits.  It’s a time in which we are engaging in more personal prayer, asking Jesus to help us walk with him.  It’s a time of our getting back to basics, to the central aspect of our faith – Jesus – to improve our lives and well-being by deepening our faith and spirituality.

     Lent begins next month and I intend for us to use that special time to go a little further with Jesus and our faith.  During Lent I am hoping we all will engage in a daily devotional called The Way: 40 Days of Reflection, written by Adam Hamilton.  You’ll recall Hamilton is one of our leading UMC pastors.  The church is buying this devotional guide for each family in the church.  You’ll be able to pick yours up in the Narthex on Sundays or from the Church Office on weekdays the last couple weeks of this month.   This will be the foundation of the Lenten season for us all – all of us engaging in prayerful daily devotions throughout Lent.  Covenant with me that you will do this! 

The devotional Guide though is a supplemental meditative resource for the congregation-wide small group Lenten Series, which will study Hamilton’s book The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus. We have heard how important spiritually focused small group experiences are to an individual’s growth and a congregation’s health, so your staff and lay leadership is pushing this opportunity, hoping that many, many of our parishioners will join it. This will be a way to go deeper with Jesus.  Sign-ups for the series will happen this month, with participants choosing the small group leader and time that works the best for them from the numerous options we’ll offer. 

             I promised this Season of Jesus would be a special time for us here at LJ UMC.  To make that come true though we all need to give ourselves over to it and participate.  Please do.  Make this short-term commitment and see the great difference it makes for you and for our congregation. 

Praying for this with a hopeful heart.