Mission Moments

"I have volunteered many times over the past years to help with The Interfaith Program.  That is an annual program where we host 12 guests for two weeks, along with 7or 8 other churches in the area, while these people are looking for employment. Last year I was the coordinator of our Church efforts.  This was one of the most meaningful tasks I have ever done.  We had over 60 volunteers, which was also very meaningful.  It was a privilege working with these folks. It was also wonderful to meet our guests and to try to help them in their endeavors.  I am going to do the same this year.  This is a very, very rewarding experience."    

~ Gene Blickenstaff

"On April 28, 2012, five volunteers from LJUMC drove the Metro Good Neighbor Center in Southeast San Diego.  Working with Center Coordinator Debbie Raysin, we sorted hundreds of pairs of shoes and miscellaneous other clothing items for clients of the Center.  It was a great experience to help the Center in its busy ministry to the needy."     

~ Tedd Todd