KONY 2012

on March 10, 2012 by Walt Dilg

KONY – 2012

Jason Russell, part of our extended church family through our nursery school is doing something remarkable.  He is attempting to alter history by doing something really, really good.  And he’s sounding a call for us to stand beside him and make a difference.

For 26 years now, Joseph Kony has been leading a group of rebel soldiers in Uganda.  Roaming the countryside, he would kidnap children (turning the boys into soldiers and the girls into sex slaves) and slaughter their families.  It mostly went unnoticed by the larger world.  Jason formed “Invisible Children” to bring this horror into the light and start advocating for the end of this senseless violence.  Social media has been a valuable tool in this effort.

Now a new call is sounded to build support for the effort to arrest this mass murderer.  It’s called KONY 2012.  Jason is again working to make visible that which has been kept out of sight.  This time it is the monster behind the madness. 

Go to Kony2012.com and watch the video.  Get inspired.  Pass the word around. Be a part of standing up for the children by helping to make today’s world a safer and better place to live.