Becoming Our Best

on January 10, 2012 by Walt Dilg

"Becoming Our Best"

    I just started a sermon series entitled "Beconing Our Best."  Last Sunday I spoke on Vision.  The next four weeks I will address the topics of Devotion, Learning, Relationships, and Health.  The five part rubric for the subject comes from a book by Michael Slaughter, Momentum for Life.  He was our guest speaker at the fall Bishop's Convocation and was thoroughly impressive.  Also influential to this series is a book by Robert E. Luccock, On Becoming the Best We Can Be.  He was a professor of mine at Boston University School of Theology.  I recommend both books for further nourishment and ideas on this topic. 

     I do want to say that we strive to become our best not for our self-satisfaction (though we might have some) nor for the benefit of our loved ones (though we care deeply for them and seek their best interests).  We do it for God, because this is what we can offer God in gratitude for the gift of life and saving grace.  Becoming our best for God's purposes is the sign of love of the creature to the creator.  Amen.