Toy Library

Why Should You Join a Toy Library?

Here are some of the many advantages to belonging to our toy library:

  • Your child has a variety of toys from which to choose as their interests and skill levels change.
  • You can borrow toys that are no longer available in stores. 
  • You help the envirnoment by not adding more toys to the junk yard.
  • You save money purchasing  fewer toys
  • You and your child(ren) can test a toy before buying.
  • Your child learns to take care of toys and take responsibility for them.
  • Your child learns to make decisions.
  • You can learn what toys interest and challenge your child.
  • You can ask a qualified toy librarian for advice on choosing toys that match your child’s skill development.

Here is a link to our Toy Library Website with the current list of toys you can check out for your child if you become a member of the toy library:

Toy Library Website

To find out more about the Toy Library, and how to join, please contact Pastor Lea at  or Chantel Wagenaar at