Paul Nixon’s Visit

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Nixon, our Church Coach, to our campus for an on-site visit.  Paul met with the Lead Team and Staff, five focus groups that centered on differing church issues, and then with us in worship.  It was a good and fruitful time. 

Spending time with over 50 of our congregants, Paul gained some great insight into who we are here at LJ UMC, how we understand the challenges we face, and what we think might be ways forward to serve God and neighbor better.  We want to grow our congregation in size and effectiveness, and Paul is happy to be in partnership with us to do just that! 

He feels we are a solid congregation that loves the church and is special in our community.  Though we have an advancing median age that impacts our donor strength, we have the capacity to replenish ourselves and grow in consequence.  He is very hopeful about LJ UMC, and looks forward to digging in deeper and working closely with our lay leadership and new pastor to help build our future. 

This is good news.  We are looking to create as smooth a pastoral transition as possible, and it seems like the new pastor will step into a healthy process that is gearing us up for an exciting future.  Your Lead Team has already debriefed the on-site weekend with Paul and are working with him to consider and then implement some initial understandings.  For example, in April we will work on better determining our congregational identity and further explore how we could more effectively project that identity into the community. 

We’re on our way.  Thanks to all the folks who gave time to meet with Paul.  Let’s keep this positive momentum going.  More forthcoming.  May God bless our endeavor.