Letter from new pastor, Phil Wood

on July 10, 2017 by The Rev. Dr. Philip Bertolo Wood

Dear Friends:

             By way of introduction, allow me to share that I am half Irish and half Italian, raised in a culturally predominant Italian household. And because I was always an obedient child (sometimes), and a quiet one as well (never!), there are two words in Italian that I became well acquainted with. One is "basta," which means "enough!" and the other is "avanti," meaning "forward!"

In this time I want you to be assured that our ministry will never be defined by enough. Prayers, time together, and opportunities to share in gifts of service to the community and to the world, will identify us as the Church in a constant state of “avanti,” forward, building upon the extraordinary legacy of all of you and those who are with us in spirit.

Elsa joins me in thanking you for the kindnesses we have already experienced from so many of you, from our unbelievable staff that I'm now privileged to be a member of, and of course, our colleagues, our friends, Walt Dilg and Diane Davis.

So, Avanti! Forward!

See you in Church!



I'm looking forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks!