La Jolla UMC Men's Retreat
 Old Mission San Luis Rey

Date - Friday afternoon, November 9th to Sunday morning, November 11th.

 Place - Old Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center, 4050 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92057.

Theme - Forgiveness. The retreat will be led by Pastor Phil Wood. We’ll explore the topic of forgiveness, using Desmond Tutu’s book “The Book of Forgiving” written with his daughter, Mpho Tutu. Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu has witnessed some of the worst crimes people can inflict on others. The book is Bishop Tutu’s answer to questions about the need for forgiveness and how to give and receive it. The book lays out the simple but profound truths about the significance of forgiveness, how it works, why everyone needs to know how to grant and receive it, and why granting forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves when we have been wronged. Desmond and Mpho explain the four-step process of forgiveness -- Telling the Story, Naming the Hurt, Granting Forgiveness, and Renewing or Releasing the Relationship -- as well as offer meditations, exercises, and prayers to guide the reader along the way. 'With each act of forgiveness, whether small or great, we move toward wholeness, ' they write. 'Forgiveness is how we bring peace to ourselves and our world.’  (A copy of the book is included in the price of the retreat and will be available in late September for retreat registrants wishing to read it before we gather at OMSLR.)

Plan and Schedule - The retreat will offer opportunities for group discussion and exchange, fellowship, private reflection, and rest and recreation. We’ll begin on Friday afternoon with an introductory session to introduce the retreat topic, followed by dinner and a gathering off-site at a condominium of the beach at Oceanside for some fun and fellowship. The retreat will continue after breakfast on Saturday with group sessions, private times for reflection, and an evening bonfire on site.  We’ll wrap up on Sunday morning with a final group session and brief worship service at the retreat center. The topics from “The Book of Forgiving” we’ll discuss are:

 Friday evening - Introduction: Into Wholeness 

  • Saturday morning - Understanding Forgiveness. Why forgive? -- What forgiveness is not -- Understanding the fourfold path 
  • Saturday late morning - The fourfold path. Telling the story -- Naming the hurt -- Granting forgiveness -- Renewing or releasing the relationship 
  • Saturday afternoon - All can be forgiven. Needing forgiveness -- Forgiving yourself -- A world of forgiveness
  • Sunday morning - Reflections on forgiving. Taking the lessons into our personal lives, our congregation, our world.

 These sessions will give us the opportunity to to discuss broadly how forgiveness works (or should work) to heal ourselves, our congregation, and our society. Dress for the retreat is casual.

 Food and Housing - All our meals will be taken in the retreat center dining room. We’ll stay in the retreat center dormitory.  The cost of food and housing is included in the retreat price.  Both single and double occupancy rooms are available.  The food at OMSLR is tasty, nourishing, and plentiful. The rooms are clean, simple, and comfortable. Shared bathroom facilities are down the hall from the rooms.

 Activities - In addition to the retreat group sessions, we’ll have opportunities for fellowship on Friday and Saturday night, and free time to relax and recreate. The retreat center is set on 40 acres in the San Luis River Vally and is a good place to take walks. A bike path to the coast runs by the retreat center. And there is a swimming pool available for use by retreat participants.

 Price - Single Occupancy is $305.  Double Occupancy is $280.  Day attendance is $60. The price includes food and housing, a copy of “The Book of Forgiving,” and retreat costs and materials. (Day attendance does not include housing.)

 Sign Up -  Please email Dave Grundies, our retreat coordinator, at  and let him know you’ll attend.  Please also let him know whether you want a single or double room. If a double, please also let him know your room mate preference.  You may deliver a check for your registration fee to the Church Office, or to Dave Grundies, or to the offering plate on Sunday. If you put a check in the offering plate, please clearly indicate in the check memo and on the envelope: “MEN’S RETREAT REGISTRATION”.  These steps will secure your participation in the retreat.

             We look forward to your participation in this year’s Men’s Retreat! Blessings.

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Pastor Karla Shaw is the Senior Pastor at Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church where she began her ministry in 2010. She originally hails from the East Coast where she served as a college minister in Pittsburgh, PA. She made her way westward in 2005 to attend Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA where she received her M.Div. with a concentration in African American studies. Karla is passionate about teaching, spiritual formation, social justice, and being with diverse people. A tagline from her life might be "life is better in community". She particularly loves engaging with others when her husband and son can engage too.
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