La Jolla United Methodist Church Leadership 2019

Church Council

          Chairperson                          Karyn Moore (2021)

            Vice Chairperson                 George Leopold (2021)


            Church Treasurer    Janet Lind (2019)

            Lay Leader                           

            Lay Members to           Raquel Hawkes Weston-Dawkes (2020)
          Annual Conference  Will Hakes Weston- Dawkes (2020)

            Lay Member Alt.                   Pam Rosemier (2020)

            Scout Liaison                        Nick & Rebecca Cosford

            UMW President                    Carol Shively (2020)

            UMM President                    Russ Toppi (2020)

Administrative Leaders

            Finance Chair                       Dave Kramer (2020)

            Foundation Chair                 Don Lincoln (2021)

            Lay Leadership                    The Pastor
            Develop. & Nomination     

            Staff-Parish Relations         Rod Betts

            Trustees Chair                     Sherri Lightner (2020)